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PAN Aesthetics is a luxury aesthetic clinic located in the heart of Windermere. We provide a comprehensive range of FDA-approved medical aesthetic treatments which have minimal or no downtime. 

Our mission is for our patients to enjoy the process of enhancing their inherent, natural beauty by our provision of consistently safe, high quality care in state of the art aesthetic services. Our patients will equate PAN Aesthetic Clinic with value & care by experienced qualified doctors and therapists. We believe it's what we give of ourselves to others that truly makes us beautiful. Beauty is best found in the relationships we develop with our loved ones and friends. 

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Dr. Laurel
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS, Myanmar)

Member of American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (USA)

Certified Laser Physician

Dr. laurel is the Founder and CEO of PAN Aesthetics Clinic and is also our clinic's medical doctor. She obtained her medical and surgical degrees from University of Medicine 1, Yangon. She went to advance her training in Seoul, South Korea in 2017 too. She is also a member of American Academy of Aesthetic medicine (AAAM).


Dr. Laurel is a firm believer that beauty builds confidence - a more attractive physical appearance subconsciously makes a person more confident and this has a positive influence on all aspects of his or her life.

Aesthetics Doctor Dr. Laurel
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